lent update

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
just really quick: sunday's don't count. that's all i got to say. i dont plan to take full advantage of this but i just wanted to throw that out there. i took advantage of it last sunday b/c it was the niece's bday and i had some of her cake. i dont plan on making this a trend.

at last weigh-in, i was -2 lbs. this weigh-in occurred after consuming the cake so i think i'm good. i want to get more workouts in. im falling short of my goal. what was it? 3 a week? i dont remember so that's probably why im not making it. thinking about doing a guest post for T's blog. if i go forward with it, i'll definitely provide the link.

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T said...

I don't remember if you said three times a week or not, but that's what all the fitness folks say is the minimum required amount to be healthy, so yes, do that. :)