Highlights: March 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011
  • sprinkles cupcakes opened. my friend bought me a cupcake a few days after opening day.
  • bff's bday. he came to town and we explored old town alexandria, a spot im NEVER in. a stranger paid $20 of our $28 bar tab in one of the spots we hit. i paid the remainder b/c i was buying him a drink anyway.
  • my dad finally got me new tires for my car, saving me about $600.
  • my degree came in the mail and i picked up my commencement tickets.
  • i got 7 bottles of wine for the low-low via groupon
  • i got a free voucher for an orioles game in september.
how was your March? i was really reaching here for the good news so im hoping that April has a huge dose of awesome!

3 thought(s):

Anonymous said...

Groupon, Living Social and Buy With Me are all the DEVIL!!! *lol*

How was the cupcake from Sprinkles? I haven't been there yet.

antithesis said...

Oh their cupcakes are yummy! I have the sads that I can't have anymore until after lent.

T said...

March was great, but you already know that from Twitter. No complaints. Your March seems good to me. Cupcakes, graduation tickets, wine... girl, bye. Chalk that up as a win!