Tuesday, March 15, 2011
reflecting on my current situation reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite movies, Girl, Interrupted.
the main character is in a session at the mental hospital:

Susanna: I'm ambivalent. In fact that's my new favorite word.
Dr. Wick: Do you know what that means, ambivalence?
Susanna: I don't care.
Dr. Wick: If it's your favorite word, I would've thought you would...
Susanna: It *means* I don't care. That's what it means.
Dr. Wick: On the contrary, Susanna. Ambivalence suggests strong feelings... in opposition. The prefix, as in "ambidextrous," means "both." The rest of it, in Latin, means "vigor." The word suggests that you are torn... between two opposing courses of action.
Susanna: Will I stay or will I go?
Dr. Wick: Am I sane... or, am I crazy?
Susanna: Those aren't courses of action.
Dr. Wick: They can be, dear - for some.
Susanna: Well, then - it's the wrong word.
Dr. Wick: No. I think it's perfect.

Susanna probably meant to say apathetic but what she said fit the situation much better. afterall, she had borderline personality disorder, which when coined meant she was bordering on psychosis and neurosis. all i know is im feeling love and hate at the same time and it's not too fun.

2 thought(s):

T said...

It makes sense that your favorite movie would be about a crazy. Should I watch this movie? Will it give me Black Swan nightmares?

antithesis said...

u should watch this movie. it's not like black swan. i liked black swan tho, clearly.