i'm in love

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
it took a long time but i'm in love again. yes, the real thing! i'm in love with myself. how can i expect anyone to recognize my worth if i dont recognize my own? how can i not love me? who cares how someone else can't? but how can I (the most important person) not love me? i don't know why i didn't for so long. i am fuckin' HOT! like i'm smart, sexy, funny...the adjectives could go on and on. i'm really not to be fucked with. aint no bitch better than me. like really. i have it ALL. and it's not even being conceited. i'm subscribing to my belief that there is someone for everyone to love. i'm the one for ME. so whoever disagrees is just establishing their opinion, which they are entitled to. but as as far as i'm concerned, i am the SHIT. i am a bad chick. 

2 thought(s):

Product Junkie Diva said...

GIRLLLLLLLLLL you are working it in this pic. You look amazing. You absolutely need to have confidence in yourself. I hope you never allow anyone to make you feel otherwise.
YAY I'm glad to see you happy!!!!

WiZ said...

well.......not what i thought but you gotta do what makes you happy right.

stay beautiful, beautiful