Thursday, January 29, 2009
this is the comment i left for bloggal in reponse to this post

ok so i kinda know what you're going through. i hate when people say "i know exactly..." because that's not true. but i've been through something similar. unfortunately, it's time. im sure you've heard it but it's really true and it sucks that you cant just fast-foward life but time is really the key factor. i cant even tell you how much time. it took me like 2 years and im still not completely over it. im over it enough that i no longer think about it every single day and im able to start new relationships. 

the other part of it is that life is on some crazy cycle and clearly you're at a point where a relationship is not viable for you but at some point, your world will spin around and you'll be relationship-ready and the opportunity will present itself. i know for me, i felt like i needed to be in control of that flipping but the reality is, we can't choose which side of the coin we're on.

hopefully you can grasp the jist of what she was talking about without having to go and read the post (context clues, my friends). but yea, i need to remember every word of this when i am sad and upset that i supposedly dont have anyone or didnt get the one i wanted. sorry if this all makes no sense...

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