doing the good-est

Friday, January 23, 2009
im being forced to make good on my promise to do the goodest in '09. as a course requirement, i gotta put in 10 hours of community service this semester. i dont think that's too much to ask. i just have to figure out what i'm going to do. do you do community service? where? what non-profits/causes do you support?

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T said...

Yay for the goodest. LOL! I volunteer with the Chicago Women's AIDS project through Chicago Cares. There and org called DC Cares (same as Chicago cares, but in DC).

They make it super simple to volunteer and they have a ton of volunteer areas, so you help in whichever area you're most passionate about.

It's great!

PBW said...

I volunteer at our public library one morning a week answering phones.

antithesis said...

yea, my prof. told me about dc cares. gotta keep my eye on that. i might have the opportunity to do my hours volunteering with my old summer job. thanks for the info!