Tuesday, January 27, 2009
"why is no one ready?"- miranda priestly, the devil wears prada

who remembers that line from the movie? probably no one but ive seen it a million times and i find it funny, the way she says it. let's try this one, "by all means, move at a glacial pace. you know how that thrills me". 
it's disheartening to learn someone you really wanted is not ready for you. that's the conclusion i came to about a certain someone previously mentioned on this blog. but i learned something, so my interactions with him were not all for nothing. let's look at the very simple difference between someone who is ready for me and someone who isnt:

a man who is ready will recognize my worth, acknowledge it, and act accordingly

one who is not might recognize it but will act a damn fool

why does the not-ready one act in such a way? idk. all i know is he will act retarded until you call him on it and then apologize and promise to do better (because we all know he knows better). this is done in an effort to indicate, "look, i know i have a good thing and im gonna do dumb shit to push you away but i dont want you to REALLY go away. it's just I'M not ready". 

either that or males aren't really that complex and i'm giving them way more credit than what is due. i'm hoping for the former but fear that the latter is true. oh well, eff em...

3 thought(s):

Anonymous said...

Girl, I so feel you. I have this impossible man in my life right now too. My recent blog kind of hints at my giving up (on him).

Hang in there girly :-) We'll be over them sooner then we think.

PBW said...

I remember that line! Like you, I've watched that movie over and over (and over) again.

As young and cute as you are, I wouldn't waste another second on him. Dump him, and he'll turn chasing you into a full time job.

antithesis said...

@b-more bap- now you are really too gorgeous for all that. leave that clown alone

@ PBW- thank you!!! i dont know about him chasing me and i dont think i want that. but however he deals with it wont be my concern. i have to move on for me.