aint that a bitch!?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
things i've found funny in the past 24 hours:

1. it's ok for you to disturb my sleep but when i call you back to find out what the hell you wanted at the butt crack of dawn, im disrupting you...

2. my emails are not acknowledged or replied to when i'm being nice but when the bitch come out, the response is swift...

3. somehow, this is my fault and i'm in the wrong...

4. YOU'RE the one who is frustrated.

oh mr. klean, maybe you're right. this could be my fault. this is what i get for thinking you were HIM. i gave you way more credit than you earned and i ended up with far less than i deserved. that's no one's fault but my own because i accepted it and allowed it to happen. oh well, on to the next.

dear mr. sensitive,

dont be an idiot. stay the same.

ms. me all day everyday

2 thought(s):

PBW said...

When I read number one, I thought you were talking about my mom.

antithesis said...

lol! thanks, pbw, for making me smile!