so embarrassing

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
i hate group presentations. with that said, i have one due today. first of all, these characters met without me and divided up everything and i was left with basically nothing. and this isnt really a group project since everyone did their parts separately and then they are just going to throw it all together at the end. so i'm looking at the powerpoint and people are talking about everything im talking about so basically it looks like i did nothing because they picked me to talk last. did i mention im like the only black person? there's another black girl but like not really, ya know? i know that was wrong of me to say and i can go deeper on my view of "acting black" and how there is no such thing but yea. anyway, so i'm the only black person so i shouldnt be but im worried about how that looks.

oh and this grinds my gears: because the other group had candy, we have to have candy? eventhough our (read "my") game doesn't call for it? ok, fine. you want to take the initiative to purchase said candy? great. you want to split the cost among 6 people? excellent. one bag of candy and i'll give you like a dollar. YOU SPENT $24 ON CANDY FOR A CLASS OF LIKE 20 PEOPLE?! bitch, have you lost your mind?! and you want people to give you $4 for that? it's a recession out here. but guess who's gonna pay it because we evaluate our group members and i cant give them even more reason to mark me down. this is some bullsh*t.

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Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I'm with you about the group presentations. Either someone thinks they are boss of all bosses or people are just hanging on to your work with irritates me to no end.

LOL @ the four group wanted to buy donuts...are you kidding with that my money is for me to eat not everyone else. Get that nonsense outta here.

yummy411 said...

damn! LOL. one for all and all for one.