about my weekend

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
i had fun:

friday- happy hour w/ dee and later w/ tomas. tomas drove me home *bonus* and not because i was way too intoxicated. the happy hour spot we frequent is RIGHT next to my job and i bus it to work and we went right after work. 

saturday- poker w/ co-workers. i got sooooo drunk but i needed it. afterwards, made a booty call. handled that. got in my feelings a little bit but important lesson was learned. i confirmed that i need to know nothing more about this dude than his first name, phone number and residence. first name is SO optional. *SAFE* anonymous sex is the business. 

sunday- it was restaurant week in DC. i had brunch at this spot with the same co-workers from the previous night. afterwards, had a little dysfunctional family time at my brother's house. my mom, dad, sister and nieces were there. 

so that was my weekend because you care.

enjoy your FAT TUESDAY!!!!

2 thought(s):

T said...

"SAFE* anonymous sex is the business"

Girl, you are too much. I need license plate number, mother's maiden name, baby brother's baby mama's name... I need info out here. LOL!

antithesis said...

@T- you are right because ANYTHING can happen.