6 quirky things about me (tag)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Tracee tagged me.

1. i have to eat my food one at a time and different things cannot touch

2. if there is a wedding in the vicinity of me i MUST see the dress

3. my accent changes depending on who i am speaking to and/or what i am speaking about

4. i didnt get my license until i was 19 because i was terrified of being behind the wheel

5. i only wrote and ate with my left hand until i was about 16. i played sports and things like that as if i was right-handed

6. i said this to my brother and meant it: 
him: you gonna have to do what i did and live at home until you get established; you're not living with me. 
me: that defeats the purpose of being born last. what do i need other siblings for? if i wanted to do what you did, i would have been born in the middle. 

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im not gonna tag anyone

8 thought(s):

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

That is hilarious that you MUST find the bride at weddings so you can see her dress!! I've never heard anyone say that before. LOL!!

Girl, 19 isn't that old. I know people in their 30s who still don't have their driver's licenses (they live in NYC though).

I used to hate having my foods touch, but some how I started not to care as much.

the.spot said...

lol @ number 1. i too am like that. i don't know why i am picky about my food touching, but i am. and i have to finish my macaroni before diggin' into my lima beans.

we're such little kids @ heart.

Don said...

number 5 is interesting. number 2 is hilarious. and do you now feel comfortable behind the steering wheel?

antithesis said...

@ the.spot- exactly i need to finish all of one thing before starting another and also i have to eat candy yams last eventhough they arent REALLY desert.

@don- yes i'm a BEAST behind the wheel of my car cuz i have a little 4-cylinder. my mom and sister and have V-6 and V-8 engines so the feel isnt the same and i drive like a granny in them.

TravelDiva said...

LOL on number 3. Me too! I'm from MD/DC, but when I'm talking to my grandmother, all of a sudden I have a southern accent.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Antithesis
Which accents have you used?
I heard Oprah say that she does this as well. #3
Product Junkie Diva

antithesis said...

@ PJD- sometimes i sound like a true "DC girl". others, i may sound like im from NY. and still other times i have this country accent. i would not call it an atlanta accent b/c that is just an attrocity. also, the speed and inflection changes. depends on the subject matter and my mood.

Don said...

lol @ drive like a granny in them. Big motors tame even the beast drivers I see.