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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Wednesday- Senior Soiree and "Black and White"

i didnt go to the b/w party. i knew in  advance that the cover would be too steep. $30+ is too much for any club, especially a monochromatic themed party. pre-sale tix were $25 and my limit for any given night is $20 because i do have bills and it aint in me to give away $100 to people who are far more affluent than me. but enough about that. i went to the Spelman College-sponsored Senior Soiree, a night celebrating the accomplishments of the senior class. it was an official welcome into alumnae-hood. afterwards, we went to rusans for sushi. i had a small get-together at my apt. (sorry no pics from that).  *update* i heard people paid $40 to get in the b/w party. 

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Product Junkie Diva said...

$40 bucks for the b/w affair ?? Well I am sure that the person running that party made out quite well. Even though you didn't attend the other party looks like you still had a good time. How was the food?
P.S. My essence mag came in yesterday...relief.

Don said...

nice pics, ashley.

the alumnae-welcome looks like a great time. the sushi looks tasty.

once again, congratulations. some people actually paid $40 for a ticket...that's deep. lol.

antithesis said...

@PJD- the food was good. but u can see we were still hungry so i had to get that $5 sushi.

@don- thank you adn yes alot of folk put that $40 down, SICKENING!!!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Very cute pics!! I would never pay $30 to go to anybody's club either! ahahahahahaa

I love your dress. :-)

antithesis said...

bgg, thank you!