"beach chair"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Tuesday Beach/Luau recap:

  • baby girl is FUCKED UP
  • i had on a white halter and plaid bermudas with turquoise sandals
  • i pregamed w/ my girl april: screwdrivers
  • got in for $15 (shoulda been free but whateve')
  • music was crap, seriously
  • paid $10 for an apple martini and i really should have stopped there
  • free glass of champagne
  • ol' boy who used to try to talk to me back in october was like drink the rest of this hen and coke. my dumb ass said "OK" (he's probably going to call me tomorrow, oh no!)
  •  then he said "what should i get next?" i said, "shot of 151". they didn't have that. in the words of my ex, "what the shit?" then i said "shot of patron" he said "let me get two".
  • i had a shot of patron and was done for the nite. yes, i mixed brown and white. 
  • did i mention i was driver for the nite?
  • i got us home in one piece. so here i am, THANK GOD, sharing with you my night. 
  • oh, i wanted to take a beach ball home but LAMES kept knocking them outta my hand...

10 thought(s):

T said...

Your hair was too cute girlie.

But um... I'm going to have to play your dad (since your dad probably doesn't read this blog) and ask that you refrain from drinking and driving.

Simple solution: Find a man who'll be the designated driver. Just say, hey me and XX number of my too-cute friends want to roll with you to the party and we all want to get extremely drunk. I guarantee you won't have a problem finding a ride.

Have fun [and be safe]!!!

antithesis said...

@t- thank you and you are so RIGHT about driving drunk. i did not expect the be that inebriated but i shouldnt even drive after one drink. other people are driving the rest of the week. i just wanted to get my turn out of the way.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

You looked so cute!! What a fun party theme. I'm loving your hoops and pink toes. Too, too cute. :-)

I agree with T - Please don't EVER drive after drinking again. I'm so thankful that you guys made it home safely.

antithesis said...

@ BGG- again, you are right! thank you! i'm really bad about that. so irresponsible and dangerous. i was trying to call my cop friend so maybe he could get us but he was asleep...

Don said...

after i read the first couple of lines i looked down and saw the time you posted - 2:19AM. and i am like, "yeah she's tipped off on that patron." LOL.

i can't imagine there being anything better than a college grad on her way to grad school, taking the time inbetween to get her party on. that has to be a great feeling.

no beachball @ all?

antithesis said...

@ Don- I KNOW MAN!!!! i wanted one. this little boy who was tryna get at me popped it outta my hand when i finally got ahold of one as i was going to leave. i was thinking um, is that gonna make me like you? i was really mad for an entire 30 seconds and you know thats long when you are as drunk as i was. bouncers were probably not gonna let me walk outta there with that anyway, especially after the incident i was partially responsible for...

Tiasha said...

Incident? Um... details?

Don said...

i feel you. i can tell just from your words that you really, really enjoyed yourself. and you look so happy holding that ball in your hands. lol.

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Yes I am happy you made it home safely.
Another cute look while you are out on the town. Cute shoes!!
Product Junkie Diva

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