why i am single

Thursday, May 22, 2008
  • i have no patience
  • i want my way all the time
  • it's hard to sleep with someone else in the bed (especially if they snore)
  • i don't like to cook everyday (not even every week)
  • most days i look a scary hot mess and i'm comfortable with that because i'm not going anywhere
  • i value alone time probably way more than any other individual on the planet
  • most males my age are ineligible to court me
  • marriage is not a current interest of mine (although engagement and bachelorette parties, weddings, and honeymoons sound fun!)
  • i'm more focused on trying to establish myself financially
  • grad school is no joke
  • i don't handle disappointment well (you have to do what you say you will do unless i really feel like you have a valid excuse and even then, it's difficult)
  • i'm selfish
  • i can be really mean for little to no reason
  • every man i like lives somewhere else and/or is in my imagination
happy birthday to the greatest man i know, DADDY! 

6 thought(s):

david santos said...

Good luck... my friend, good luck...
have a nice day

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

The funny thing is that you'll find someone who will like/love you just the way you are - flaws and all! LOL :-)

T said...

You're hilarious (and honest). I'm not saying I have something similar coming up...

I'm just saying stay tuned.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Antithesis,
I think it is great that you know this about yourself. Some people just don't know why they are single and you have it down to a science.
When you are ready to have a relationship this is certainly a portion of what you are brining to the table. This information is very necessary and you have to know if the guy can handle the things you have mentioned... I think your honest self reflection may be a product of your alone time..good job!
Product Junkie Diva

Don said...

daddy's girl. love that.

stop being mean for no reason. lol. ineligible to court you age-wise. you attract people who are serious about feelings.

exercise patience. it's good to want your way. make no mistake about that. lol @ not even like to cook every week.

...you have to cook @ least sometimes, babygirl.

Morediva said...

Dang....I could have written that myself. Especially that part about not wanting to cook every day. LOL!