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Monday, May 12, 2008
this is a long one. summary: lil wayne rhymed over Ciara's Promise beat. later, i wrote my own version. if you are familiar with the song already, you can just scroll down to what i said. 

LIL WAYNE- PROMISE (freestyle)

damn she bad.. damn she thick
and i may not know perfect, but damn she it,
and she thick and she right,
damn she nice,
you can be my judge baby, yeah i do life,
give me life..
and i know that you be dancin til your toes hurt,
but i can make your toes curl,
i can make your soul jerk,
we can soul search,
and i also got that street credit i got more work... than any dude.. you .. knew
girl i am a blood "su wu"
i hear you want somebody you can call boo,
i will change my name to boo and fuck around and call you,
now what you wanna do?
because whateva that may be, baby, i wan`do that too,
& ooh i could g.p.s. you, what you goin through,
like a pair of wet & sticky vickys, girl, im on you,
ok ma.. the mood is so right, light,
two can take flight,
my big girl T.I. is the king i am the prince your knight,
right? you dont need a superman you just need a man like weezy
and i could make you feel the same way,
we could postpone and stay home like a rain day,
she'll have the salad just put her on wayne's plate,
what you know 'bout havin syrup poured on that pancake?
nasty as i want to be or nasty as you like me to be,
i hope you like me too now you know i like you too..3am room service,
serve ya..you can be my dessert be my caramel sherbet,
call you mama we can make a baby,
and the way you work that mic in the video is so crazy,
and that chair or stool.. move.. was cool,
you make me wanna ooh..
imma be cool i need a moment,
i think you are the finest human on earth,
we can get together i can help you with that homework.. take your ass to school too.. woo
teach you all the rules you never knew.. we need a moment we need a moment
i can be your future, i could be your teacher, be your professor. write down this lecture,
you want some extra credit?? let me check your home work..
i can be your tutor and help you with exams,
no failin' or its summer time for you,
you got them goodies and i got a sweet tooth,
now can yall blame me??shit Hov got B and i just want CiCi
i just want to see if you're taller then me,
no really i wanna see if you're my Mrs. Carter to be,
yeah i know this is pretty awkward for me but i just act like you are talkin to me when you say...

"ohh i mean everything that i say.... fom the bottom of heart....i would never, never ever hurt u..i open my heart (open my heart)"

believe that.. and i agree that,
open up your heart to me and you wont get your key back,
Ms. Ciara you are colder than blue and baby i aint talkin to no body else but you..

My Reply:

Damn he fine and he smart
And he may not be perfect, but he’s a start
And he nice and he write
He could rhyme, maybe, and he’d be tight
And I'm right
I know you be putting in that hard work
But I could work you harder
I would push you farther
Rewards are hard-earned
And you can get some extra credit… I got more love… than any chick… you… met
Boy, you know I keep it wet
I hear you looking for someone that you can talk to
I can listen well and, nigga, I can talk to
So what’s the subject, boo?
Cause whateva that may be I can hold a convo, too
I could cook dinner for you, what you want for food?
Like your most favorite cologne, boy, I am on you
Ok, Pa, the mood is so right, right
Music, candlelight
My baby, you are the shit my knight
Bright and shinin’ armor but you don’t need it, I would nev’ harm ya
And I hope you would do the same
Cause if not, nigga, that would make you lame, babe
you are my match, i am so wild and you are tame
crazy as i wanna be or crazy as you like me to be
i like your attitude and i hope you like me too...plus we can get away
escape...we can take weekend trips or can go on vacations
call me mama, i will have your baby
i just hope you know that our baby will be so crazy
but anything you do...is so...cool
you make me wanna...ooh
but imma be good in just a moment
just as soon as i get you in this bedroom
when the day is over and soon as you get home from work...take you to the room too...woo
make you do the things you never do...we need a moment we need a moment
i can be your future, i can be your wifey, be your companion
if we can stand it
you want some support? i can be your confidant and help with finances
no quittin' or it's bankrupcy for you
you got your shit and i got mine too
now can you blame me?
i had B but now i want V
maybe because he is taller than me
no, really cause i dont know who else it'll be
yeah i kno.. this is pretty awkward for me but i just act like you are talkin to me when you say...

...believe that? you guarantee that?  if i open up my heart to you will i get my key back? Mr. Right i dont even know you but i aint talkin to nobody else but you.

*B and V are no longer in my life

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