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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

not really, but what i'm feeling right now made me think of that Brian McKnight song. i miss ATL...

i didn't think i would feel it so soon. i still hate the place but there are some things i love about it, too. so a la DON, here is my love/hate in reference to the "A".


  • doin' 90 on the highway WITH cops around and no one giving a f*ck
  • that one movie theater no one knows about but me
  • my old one bedroom apt.
  • meeting my true spelman sisters. "spelman sister" in the sense that that's not what you call just any fool who walked through the gates.
  • the distance from my parents
  • the fact that i drove EVERYWHERE such that i could avoid "hollers" from unsavory characters
  • getting most things in life for free or really cheap
  • hearing those horrible but catchy songs that only sound good in the club before everyone else
  • walking right into (literally) mannie fresh thinking "was that...?" and continuing into the store unphased/other "celebrity" encounters. who stands at the bottom of an escalator? rappers/producers, i guess...
  • little 5 points


  • every store i like is never in one mall
  • the damn MARTA. i almost died on there. TWICE. true story 
  • august 5, 2007- that bitch ran in the back of me and subsequently almost completely ruined my senior year
  • too far to drive, too expensive to fly (for homecoming)
  • the gate at my complex being wide open on the regular and management actually thinking they justified it with their excuse
  • the language the natives speak
  • how is there no 7-eleven in the state of GA???
  • the distance from my nieces and sister and brother
  • people who say "A U Center"; just say AUC...
  • how at Subway they dont have the hot pepper sauce. you know the sauce i'm talking about?

4 thought(s):

T said...

I don't know about hot pepper sauce, but I was in DC this weekend. I got some fish and fries on the yard and was looking for some mild sauce too hard (Chicago thing). My girls were just laughing at me like, you know they only make mild sauce in the Chi.


Product Junkie Diva said...

lol well I can see that there is lots to love about ATL. I soooo want to go there one day. Seems like a great place.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@T - LOL!!! You are sooooo right. Ppl back home used to love them some mild sauce!! Esp at Harold's. I never liked it though.

I've visited ATL a lot (my BFF went to school there). I really like it and I've even thought of one day moving down there, but I think I'd have to go back to the CHI! Btw, I actually liked the Marta it was like a luxury train compared to the "El" or "L" trains in Chicago and the subway in NYC. LOL!!

PBW said...

ATL's traffic drives me nuts!