Wednesday, October 29, 2008
flare- n. that something about you that you hold responsible for attracting the opposite sex

my flare might be my new hair. it has been an influx of approaches as of late and i deduce that it is attributable to this weave. that or the fact that my hair actually appears done a lot more often.... one of those things. im almost certain.

my other flare are my dimples. most people like my smile. so many people like my glasses that one of my favorites picked out. it's funny that i almost wouldn't even try them on. those are all the attractive qualities i can think of that i have.

what's your flare?

5 thought(s):

T said...

It'd have to be my smile. I don't have a "happy face," so people think I'm walking around frowning all the time when really it's just my face at rest. Womp.

Anyway, when I smile or laugh it makes a world of difference... Brings all the boys to the yard. LOL!

PBW said...

You do you a cute smile. You too, t!

For me, I'll have to go with my dimples too. I forget I have 'em until someone mentions it.

Maybe my eyes. Nobody notices them until the sun hits them and they'll say, "Hey, I didn't know you have pretty eyes?"

Therapeutic Musings said...

My flare is my butt. I try to downplay it, but it really just won't go anywhere, lol. The flares that I like to broadcast are my smile and my eyes. When I smile strangers feel compelled to talk to me :)

WiZ said...

i gotta say.....your dimples are so damn cute and glasses give women a certain...swagger.

my flare....my sense of humor. with my 22 years of watching tv, i can make people laugh easy. no problem at all. i bet you even laughing now too. i am just that damn good

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Hmm...although I have dimples too, I don't think they're my flare since I'm not a smiler. LOL This is a tough one...I don't know, maybe my waist? People always comment on the size of it, don't know how long that will last though! LOL As you get older...