im tired of kissing frogs...

Thursday, October 30, 2008
listen negroes: stop telling me "it's your loss" if i don't wanna do the dumb chick stuff you suggest!

i don't know whose loss it is, but i GUARANTEE it ain't mine, honey. let's not forget, you stepped to me and i acquiesced. also, who does that line ever actually work with? do you say that shit and the bitch be like, "well, in that case..."? or, "since you put it like that". like the girls at Spelman love to say, "nigga, kill yo'self". it won't fly w/ this chica. honestly, that wouldnt have even worked years ago when i admit i did some ignorant shit when it came to dudes. plus back then, i probably would have cursed your dumb ass out with no hesistation. now, contrary to popular belief, i'm much more polite and i simply say, "if that's how you feel". i guess that catches you idiots off guard 'cause maybe that line actually does work and your used to it working. so you wanna follow it up with some nonsense about the availability of other women. i'm aware that there are other females who fuck it up for upstanding ladies like myself by giving in to your outlandish demands, and with that i respond, "do what you must"/ "do what ever you think you need to do".

let me explain something to you. it's new. it's called "long hair, don't care". in the words of my role model, Karen Walker, "honey, i don't care". i cannot stress it enough. it's just annoying that several guys have tried this mess with me.

what am i talking about? i'm talking about you acting like it was a blessing for me that we met. that my life was in shambles and you are here to save me. like your dick is like fresh, flowing water and i'm in the desert. stop telling me, "if you play your cards right..." because in saying that, you are playing YOUR cards WRONG. look guy, YOU are the one would approached ME. my life was great before you came and most-likely it will be better if you were never a part of it. arrogance is not an attractive quality. confidence is, but you have an ill-defined notion of it and exude this disgusting bullshit that oozes from your ears.

so this is how it goes. you approach me. you may or may not give me some decent conversation. at my discretion, we exchange information. you call because i don't do that. you talk about how much you like this and that about me. how great the conversation was (even if we'd had none, so thats the first red flag). then you tell me how i need to do something bordering on inconvenient and possibly dangerous in order to be with you. *record skips* whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. call me old- fashioned but it is you, sir, who must put forth the effort. it don't care if it's the year 3000, you better do what they did in the 1920s (that's an exaggeration, but i'm sayin'). don't play. you gonna respect me or you can get gone.

3 thought(s):

T said...

I absolutely love your point of view. I don't even put my disgust into words (or text) anymore because that's 30 to 60 seconds I'm wasting on someone who's not worth it.

But yes girl, I feel you.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I couldn't agree with you more and you better believe I will be telling some loser to kill himself in the near future. I love it!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Very well-said!!! LOL @ "how great the conversation was (even if we'd had none, so thats the first red flag)."