it's getting to be my favorite excuse to drink

Friday, October 31, 2008
happy pretend-to-be-something/one-you're-not day! i'm using my free pass to dress like a slut, will you? today, i will be "simply irresistable" (that sounds better than Robert Palmer girl right?) and this i how i'll tell people "i'm simply irresistable *wink*". i think that adds the corny factor sufficiently. 

this will be the second year since elementary that i got into it. since turning 21, this has been a great excuse to party. it's just a plus that i can dress like a whore and no one can say anything. that was a lesson from Mean Girls. if you have not seen that movie, i dont even know what you are doing with your life. anyone can find humor in that flick. it's not just for prepubescent and teen girls. but i digress. go out and have fun. shit, if not for halloween, do it because it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

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Therapeutic Musings said...

This is my first time since I was 5 participating. I think I am having wayyyyyyy too much fun, and I'm still at work!

WiZ said... are simply irresistible