and if i were a boy...

Friday, October 24, 2008
nevermind all that relationship stuff bey is talkin'. i was raised right, i know i would be a great guy in that respect. i can't stand bitch boys so i know i wouldn't be one. let's talk about the REAL advantages. 

  1. i would be a sharp dresser because boy clothes are always on sale. i'm guessing because they rarely shop. they shop out of necessity, whereas we stay in the store. 
  2. sorry but i'd be happy making more money doing the same job as a woman. so i would eat that right up. i wouldn't gloat about it but i wouldn't complain either. i'm no politician so why pretend? it's a good deal...
  3. also, it would be more socially acceptable for me to be overweight so no dieting and all that nonsense. 
  4. i would break exponentially more hearts than i would have had broken. i know i would be "raised right" and all but it's natural course of development to break hearts (mostly unintentionally). 
  5. i used to think i would be a short boy but my brother is 6'4". my dad is 5'8 on his tallest day of the year. kevin's mom is 5'4"-ish (not sure i met her 2x). so anything is possible...
what if you were a boy? and don, what if you were a girl?

5 thought(s):

Therapeutic Musings said...

You cannot imagine all the eating I would be doing if I were a boy! And I know I would be making more if I were a boy....oh and I would be able to spit so much game, lol.

T said...

If I were a boy I'd be a hoe til 30/35, then settle down with the baddest chick in the world, because... why not?

I'd also travel by myself more than I do now.

I'd also never throw a drink on a girl, hit or push a woman or lie to a woman (bitchassness).

My little brothers are fine as hell too, so I know I'd be as fly as a boy as I am now.

P.S. Congrats on getting closer to your fitness goal. I know you can do it!!!

WiZ said...

are you CRAZY!!! dont you dare say something like that. Guys have it hard too. especially in the working world. if a woman undo her top blouse button and smiles, she gets a raise. If a guy does the same thing, he gets fired for sexual harassment.

lol @ don as a girl

Product Junkie Diva said...

Wiz you always have me LOL
HUmmm if I were a boy I guess I would enjoy getting paid Oh and I would enjoy not having my authority questioned. Have a great weekend.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I'm with you and PJD - I'd enjoy getting paid more. Oh and I could enjoy walking down the street minding my own business without getting harassed or cat-called! LOL!