mr. untouchable

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
let me tell you about mr.untouchable. if you frequent this blog, i dont have a high opinion of many men. this one is no major exception. oddly enough, i find myself including him in my blog. why? because i keep finding myself including him in my thoughts. also, apparently if i think hard enough about him i can make him appear. that might be my super power so i'm going to focus on cultivating that skill.

anyway, mr.untouchable is what i call the man who has my thoughts captive. everything would be so great if he weren't "untouchable". i can literally touch him, obviously, and i exploit any opportunity to do so. but he is untouchable because he is committed to another. i refuse to be the one to bestow hurt on another woman because i would HATE to be in her shoes. plus if he's the type of guy i hope him to be, he wouldn't allow that. he is also untouchable because i'm no one's back-up plan or second choice. if they were to break up for some unfortunate reason, i can't say i'd be thrilled if he looked my way. also, i'm not sure of his feelings and understandably he could not fully express them if he had any.

rational me says, "he's taken; move on". that's difficult. not many men attract me and the ones that do not in such a way. he is so physically AND mentally attractive to me. he is not perfect. i think that's the thing that keeps me in check. if i just thought this was the perfect man for me, i probably would go pretty hard at him regardless of the fact that there is another person involved. or maybe not so much because i've been there and done that. i got the results i wanted but in the long run (like 4 years later) that dude was not THAT DUDE. i just wanna be over it already, for real.

so that's my mr.untouchable.

2 thought(s):

T said...

"he is so physically AND mentally attractive to me. he is not perfect."

He's attractive like that because he's keeping himself in check for his woman. If he was single, he wouldn't look that good because he'd essentially be a different person. (I hope this is making sense)

Also, no one is perfect, but I'm so glad you're taking the high road and leaving this taken man alone.

I have a bunch of Mr. Untouchables: Will Smith, Usher, Ray Allen, Reggie Bush. If I could just get my bid in... LOL!

Bloggal said...

awwww, it's sucks when the guys that you spark with most are unavailable. sucks big time.

but you're a good one because you've got some triflin females out there who would pretend his girl didn't exist and gladly be the other woman.