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Friday, February 27, 2009

yea, that's great, but...

Thursday, February 26, 2009
did you hear? D.C. might get voting rights! you may have noticed (doubt it) that our license plates say "taxation without representation". it's actually likely that that phrase will no longer be true. our representative, Eleanor Holmes Norton, might have a say so rather than just sitting there trying to convince other state reps who actually do have a vote in Congress to go her way. DCPS has failed me and i dont know that much about government and history and such so if this makes no sense to you, i cant really clarify but im sure it's all over the internet.
i dont care that much. all im thinking about is how my plates will look stupid if i dont change 'em. but what will that be a change to? i remember the old plates before this initiative and they were *BLAH*. they need to host some sort of plate design competition or something...

about my weekend

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
i had fun:

friday- happy hour w/ dee and later w/ tomas. tomas drove me home *bonus* and not because i was way too intoxicated. the happy hour spot we frequent is RIGHT next to my job and i bus it to work and we went right after work. 

saturday- poker w/ co-workers. i got sooooo drunk but i needed it. afterwards, made a booty call. handled that. got in my feelings a little bit but important lesson was learned. i confirmed that i need to know nothing more about this dude than his first name, phone number and residence. first name is SO optional. *SAFE* anonymous sex is the business. 

sunday- it was restaurant week in DC. i had brunch at this spot with the same co-workers from the previous night. afterwards, had a little dysfunctional family time at my brother's house. my mom, dad, sister and nieces were there. 

so that was my weekend because you care.

enjoy your FAT TUESDAY!!!!

session II

Monday, February 23, 2009
i promised to share my counseling experience. i'll tell you want it's like in the other chair. as the counselor, im still learning and it's complicated to explain here. but i can share how my therapy is going for my own issues.

i didnt say anything about session I because that was intake. *BORING* just filling out paperwork and figuring out what you are coming for. session II was picking up on where we left off two weeks ago. she asked me what has been going on since we last talked. i told her how id been feeling and what the source might be. then she asked for a specific exampleso that's how we got on the topic of whats been a huge issue for me for the past few months. she validated my feelings but she helped me to realize that my approach to the situation had be all wrong and my reason for the approach had a flimsy (sp) basis. after the session i felt a little bad. ive heard it gets bad before it gets better so i think the way i felt was normal. i eat my feelings so i went with a friend to get chipotle and a cupcakes from "georgetown cupcake".

any questions?

i just wanna say

Sunday, February 22, 2009
nothing is okay about how the oscars is happening. 

...of the month

Friday, February 20, 2009
*singing in jamie foxx falsetto* it's just my intuition...

Beauty Product-

the beauty product of the month is my Schick Intuition Plus. it's 3 blades surrounded by a moisturizing solid (it's like the consistency of a bar of Caress soap). it comes in a couple of scents and will cost you around $10. it also comes with a replacement. 
i purchased it randomly because i had a "hot date" and for whatever reason the CVS by my job was poorly stocked. (well, i do know the reason, it sucks. it's a brand new CVS and it is ASS). Anyway, i thought instead of getting a razor i dont normally use or like and the basically trial-sized version of the only shaving cream i like, ill venture out and "kill two birds with one stone".  i whole-heartedly expected this product to suck, but i was pleasantly surprised. of course i have stubble right now but it's a little softer than normal and my legs still feel pretty nice. i'd recommend it. 

on some barbie sh*t

Monday, February 16, 2009

here's my FOTD for 2.12.09

pay no attention to the bonnet satus...

i decided to use my 'rollickin' paint pot. i bought it because it was on sale at an outlet and it reminded me of the barbie car i had as a kid. im going to call this my barbie look because viva glam VI is so pink. here's what i used on one of my simpler looks:

rollickin- paint pot
era- e/s (over artic grey)
artic grey-e/s 
dazzle lash

studio tech foundation- NC50

viva glam VI 

everyday's the 14th

Saturday, February 14, 2009

i do not like this day. here is why:

1. love me all the time, everyday

2. im convinced the devil came up with this day because it's heinous what they do to chocolate. it's a good thing. why cram it with gross sauce things?

3. every stuffed animal sold on this day looks cheap and tacky. i love teddy bears and it's rude to tarnish their image in such a way

4. it's almost always cloudy or rainy and then i have to get dressed up and go somewhere. that sucks

5. *sad lonely kid in class moment* those elementary school cards that kids are supposed to give to every classmate that mysteriously never came with enough such that i would get one...

6. not knowing what to get a male on this wackest of wack days. i feel rude not getting them anything and sex isn't a gift. nor is spending money on some get-up that he will look at for 5 seconds and think that the subsequent sex was the gift anyway. 

...of the month

Friday, February 13, 2009
v-day is tomorrow and even though im not a fan of this day, i will make the song of the month in honor of it. this month's choice is Sweetest Love by Robin Thicke

it will be played at my wedding. not sure how it will be incorporated but if such an event ever occurs, it will be heard. 

he's just not that into you

Thursday, February 12, 2009

saw this movie this weekend. loved it. want it on DVD. it was cute and funny and all that but its not classic and doesnt need to be in your collection because of its timelessness. it's more like i need a friendly reminder not to put up with the bullshit. most of the characters were loveable and relate-able. i recommend you seeing it. some of my friends were hating on it and didnt want to see it but they really could benefit from it. it's therapeutic to laugh at yourself/people you know and have advised. i didnt read the book but i did skim through it in bookstore last year. i feel like it was VERY loosly based on the book and only so much that they can shair the title. i dont have a problem with that. i want that book and "it's called a break up because it's broken". have you read the book(s)/seen the movie?

i win!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
the little boy in "big daddy" made up the game called "i win!" that's how i feel after having entered this blog world. not only have i won the opportunities for great insight and meeting even greater people, i win actual stuff. so far i've gotten:

1. a $20 mandee giftcard from brown girl gumbo
2. maybelline collosal volume mascara also from brown girl gumbo 
3. a long time ago, i got some stuff from product junkie diva
4. last month, i won the vaseline clinical lotion from pjd. 
5. finally, i got a Goody product gift basket, DDF protect and correct moisturizer, liz earle skin care regimine, and bliss triple oxygen mask from the mischo beauty blog.

if your pockets are on a recession diet and you haven't already, make your way over to these blogs. even if you never win a product, you win just by reading. GREAT BLOGS! so informative and useful. love you all!

more on why i'll be single forever

Monday, February 9, 2009
welcome to reasons #675-680. ugh...you may not have any of the following qualities. possessing them either eliminates you or puts a damper on your potentiality (is that a word? absolutely not. did i just make it one? sho nuff). who else can't wait for the last dragon? why is that so? because ive dealt with to many having said qualities and whatever it is about them makes them an f'd up person. 

potentiality- noun. the quality or condition of having potential 

you may not...

...be from Detroit or some suburb there of

...be an aquarius; especially if you were born on the same date as a previous suitor

...have attended the University of the District of Columbia

...have no discernable career goals

...think dinner and a movie are the only date options

Saturday, February 7, 2009
1. What name do you go by?
bad bitch. just kidding. people call me ashley. my big brother calls me "Ash" he's really the only one who's allowed to.

2. Who are the most important people in your life?
brothers, sister, nieces

3. What are some ways you enjoy spending your free time?
shopping and playing in make up

4. Reveal three quirky facts about yourself!
one dimple is bigger than the other, i chose to be left-handed, a drink that's already cold still needs ice.

5. Where do you want to be in five years?

6. What book, song, and movie could you read, listen, and watch over and over again?
the bible, for real by amel larrieux, girl, interrupted

7. What do you feel makes you beautiful?
the ability to attract the opposite sex.

...of the month

Friday, February 6, 2009

the scarf. i love winter accessories. the whole matching hat, gloves, and scarf thing is the best thing about winter for me. if oft find myself rocking a scarf even if im not wearing gloves or a hat. i've incorporated scarves since september. this february, the scarf alone is the accessory of the month. and some of them are really cheap!

forever21-$ 5.50

what's your favorite scarf style? do you wear them for fashion or meerly for function?

financial matters

Thursday, February 5, 2009
remember this post a while back about investing and ING Direct? i've continued with monthly investments in my Sharebuilder account. ive only been putting in a real little bit because i dont really have an income and i have other expenses but im proud of my little dividends. i started out with just honda (HMC , look it up). now since im into cosmetics and such and i ADORE M.A.C., i want to own a piece of it. i know that M.A.C is owned by Estee Lauder (EL), so i just added it to my portfolio yesterday. so for the few months that i will be employed i will own parts of honda and estee lauder. 

what do you/would you invest in?

takes one to know one

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
since beginning my M.A. there has been talk of counseling for counselors. professors and second year students strongly encourage us first years to seek counseling for our own issues. it is irresponsible, unreasonable, and counter-productive to belief that you can go into this profession thinking that you have NO issues. some people went so far as to say it's ethically unsound not to participate in counseling of your own.

i KNOW i have issues. that's the reason, like most people, i am interested in this in the first place. i whole-heartedly believe that all psychology majors are a little messed up themselves. maybe just a little more than the average person, but not certifiably so. with that said, im going to start getting counseling. i'm not really in crisis but it's overdue.

would you be interested in my experience? im not gonna go into detail about specific topics covered but i can share what it was like.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009
i had a breakthrough with my make-shift therapist. my confidant is my college friend c.ant.

while talking to her through AIM (the main way we communicate b/c she lives in GA), i realized im not a habitual person. like im not an attend-this-weekly-event person. it's hard for me to belong to organizations and stuff. i just won't go for no particular reason. im not avoiding anything. im just being absent. like church: i can be up in time, have plenty of time to get ready, have an idea about what to wear and just not go. no reason. not even i didnt feel like going anywhere. because i will go somewhere else instead sometimes. i already knew i was impulsive and spontaneous but wow, i learned something. 

upon further exploration, it might be something about the formality of it all. it's a set place, time, and date. i prefer more flexibility i guess.  i can go shopping religously. the store is open between these hours almost everyday and there is no set time to be there. but if someone is hosting a birthday party or celebrating a holiday, for example, and we arent that close i have trouble following through with attending. is that weird?

something is wrong with me

Monday, February 2, 2009
friend- do u kno the name of that song by some southern rapper, makes refernce to a rag
friend- i kno that descrip sucked lol
me- LMAO i kno exactly what u r talkin bout tho
me- too bad i dont know the name and i need to download it too
friend- i want the go-go version though
me- how come i can hear it but its a mumble and i cant make out the words


me- im retarded-er than you