what's in a name?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
there was once upon a time when i would take a dude out of the running if i did not love his name. guys with names that start with D were almost immediately eliminated: damien, desmond, dominic, derick, DANTE (ugh)...i've become a little more open-minded as ive gotten older as there are not too many names i actually like. anyone named william (grandpa, dad, brother) or kevin (brother) is still ineligible. non-bf has one of the softest-sounding names to me. i continued to talk to him despite that and his name grew on me. now that he's shifted to ex-non-bf, i've met a new potential boo whose name im never a fan of. AND it starts with a D (not previously listed). hopefully, this will turn out well and i'll learn that ive been putting too much weight on names. it's not their fault they got named that and i can imagine you make it all the way to 18 and just become used to a name (at least the more "normal" ones). im an excellent example of that. i do not enjoy my own name but im used to it.

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Phyllis Bourne said...

I loathe my name. My dad made it to the hospital before my mom could stick my sister with a crappy, old lady, name like she did me so "Delores" is Elizabeth.