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Saturday, May 1, 2010
i just shared what i like about the summer. now here's what i can do without:

  1. the heat- the air must be pumpin on the bus, a/c goin in my car, and i must be able to have easy access to an indoor location within 5 minutes of wherever i am outdoors. i talked about cookouts but it better not be at some park pavillion. i will go out to get my food hot off the grill and the rest of the food better be in the house on the table. i'll be in the living room...
  2. unattractive people- for some reason im certain these people were around in the winter but the hats and coats covered their generally poor fashion taste and gruesome appearance. not everyone should wear that. in most cases, no one ever should wear that so please stop. also, i know you didnt know this when you chose to be that naked, but you're body is offensive. dont know why your friend did not tell you...
  3. bus stop hollers- this happened even while wearing my northface in a blizzard but honking of horns esculates during the spring/summer and now people want to circle the block and comeback and feel comfortable rolling their window down and ACTUALLY expecting me to get in or at the very least come closer
  4. seeing your feet- this may fall under unattractive people but this also needs it's own section. i admit, my toes are not cute but i put forth EFFORT. they are not ashy, crusted over, and unpedicured. i can appreciate unattractive PEDICURED toes long before hooves.
  5. tourists- it began with the cherry blossoms. still cant believe all them dumbasses came from everywhere to see a fuckin tree. and japanese citizens? we got them from you! look in your fucking backyard. living in a major (on of the most major) city has a huge disadvantage. get the hell out the street. if you're american, im pretty sure the same rules apply where the fuck you're from: the street is for cars; the sidewalk is for people.
what am i missing off my lists?

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T said...

You know I hate feet, so I'm feeling you on #4. I'm am appreciative to have them out tho. Go summer go!!!