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Tuesday, May 4, 2010
tomorrow is cinco de mayo! it's also my oldest brother's bday. i always found it interesting that separately, my parents got the month and day of their kid's bdays to match (5/5 and 7/7) but then they got together and had my brother and it didnt work (12/20). they didnt do any better with me, i wouldnt mind being 10/10 instead of 10/02. i would have been 10/01 since that was the original c-section date and then i would have been a pallendrome. arent numbers fun?

anyway, that's never the point of this post. it's gonna be mexico's independence day. all that means to me is margarita after margarita after nachos after margarita. i'll be going out with some classmates after i get done with internship and im so excited to have cash in hand and somewhere to go. this internship year has been rough and not being able to work had my bank account on empty. the roughest patch is just about through and im ready to celebrate. DRINK UP!

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Mischo Beauty said...

Hang in there, girly! It'll all be so worth it in the end. :)