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Monday, May 3, 2010
why do people get married?

during confirmation, they told me it was one of the sacraments like baptism. you have to do it. not everyone is religious.

people have gotten married to have sex. well, sex has become very casual so...and having a kid together is never a reason. never a good one at least.

another reason i could think of is for financial reasons. not everyone is a gold digger and not everyone has gold to dig for. also, there are those who have gain financial security without another person.

so why does the rest of the world get married? and the decision to get married for the aforementioned probably was not originally or admittedly based on those reasons so what is it? US citizenship? what are the benefits?

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T said...

People get married for a bevy of reasons, some good, some bad. The most noble reason I can think of is that they find someone that they cannnot imagine NOT being with for the rest of their lives, so they make it official.

There's also the tax benefits, the decreased living costs, the ease of rearing children under one household instead of two, the social benefits and the overall societal pressures to do so.

Phyllis Bourne said...

It's like declaration to the world that we're each others most favorite person on the planet.

Imboutmybread said...

I got married b/c I love dude and even at the ripe age of 22 any other made cant do it like he do. an also to spite a bitch excuse my French but I wouldnt let all my molding go to the next chick lol