death and dying

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
some people associate death with being bad. not my view at all. the following is taken out of context from a conversation between myself and a friend. basically, hopefully, it explains my position on death. more specifically, this pertains to terminal illness but can be extrapolated to various types of death or loss. i wish people were positive in more ways than thinking the world is unicorns and glitter...

"my thing is god gave that person cancer for a reason. not my business what that reason was but if she dies from it, the death isnt the whole damn story. theres more to it between her, her family, and god, and whoever else he includes. and also her death may mean something to others. i dont know. but to think that life is the only miracle in the world is narrow-minded. there are good things that come out of illness and death, too."

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Missy M said...

Such an interesting view on death. Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

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