the long and short of it

Saturday, May 1, 2010
someone who hadnt seen me in a year complimented me on how much my hair has grown. when i thanked her, she made a face and a comment letting me know she thought i had a weave. cant remember her exact words. i made a face, too and politely corrected her.

my hair isnt even that long! it's barely bra-strap length and i had it in a ponytail the say the girl saw me. wtf?

is it because i died it jet black and usually chicks who wear weaves buy the hair in some unnatural-looking shade like 1b? let me assure you that i've sworn off sew-ins and when i did wear them, i did my best to match my natural hair color and texture (when pressed).

and even if you thought it wasnt my hair, why would you share that with me? those are the kind of things i prefer be said or thought behind my back. tell me shit like i have something on my face, not you think im an imposter...

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