o_O moments of the week

Thursday, May 13, 2010
i only left the house ONE day this week. i feel like i don't keep you updated on the weirdness i regularly experience so let's go:

moment #1- monday at happy hour at the bar. dude: *after getting my number* "what's you last name?" "ok, imma find you on facebook"

moment #2- later that night at the club. bouncer: "he can't come in with those sneakers on" *few seconds later, guy calls it a night and exits with sneakers on*

moment #3 wednesday morning at 8:45 am. male friend (in his 40s): "im just watching your youtube videos" me: "aren't you at work?" male friend: "yup"

moment #4 later that day. i and my trainor asked that i be given two shifts on sunday. repeated a couple of times for clarification. boss: *sounding excited* "i was able to get you on the schedule for two shifts on saturdays"

it's thursday. this has been the dumbest week for me. taking shots of wine, eating nasty cupcakes (how do you mess up a cupcake), unseasonably cold weather, a poorly-written svu episode, and who knows what else i'll encounter in the next few days.

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