no, that's stupid

Sunday, May 2, 2010
with classes being over, i've had some time to really reflect on some things. one thing in particular has been one dumb ass excuse i keep getting. how is it that i have the problem simply because no one ever called you on your bullshit before? "no other girl has had a problem with the fact that". and are you with that low-life any longer?

am i any of the girls you've ever dealt with? can't possibly be because i dont refer to myself as a "girl". most dudes will agree that i am a lot different than a) anyone they've dealt with and/or b) most women my age. with that known, how can you presume that treating me the same would go over well? i understand not knowing how to change but i feel you should attempt something different. switch up your approach.

for a while, ive been walking around like there's something wrong with me because i dont like to be disrespected and treated like less than i am. the only thing wrong with me is having ever thought that. it's he who is deficient. i have enough friends with standards similar to my own to say that im not that much of an anomaly.

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