how do you pray?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
in confirmation, i was taught a specific way to pray. of course i don't do it that way. some people ask for what they want, some more specific than others. i try not to do that but i invite God to have His will in my life. thinking about that, i feel dumb because he's going to do just that. He will do it his way, whether i'm into it or not because He knows best. i still like my way. i talk to God and i let him know what he already knows: what im thinking, what im feeling, what im worried about, whatever. then i tell him that he already knows what i want and then i invite Him to do what he knows best. that's it. i think i usually close with "amen" but maybe not always.

how do you do it? what does your conversation look like?

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T said...

Hey, I lowkey disagree that he's going to do what he wants all the time. Like if he wants you to marry a skinny dude and you don't want to get married at all, let alone to a skinny dude, he has to first change your mind about both things.

So instead you have to pray have his will. Not just to let his will be done, but to let it be done and let you be in agreement with it. Because no one wants to go kicking and screaming down the aisle to marry a skinny dude.

To answer your question though, I usually start with thanks, then I pray for specific things for others, then specific things for me, then thanks again for listening and for answering my prayers before I even asked them.

(the quick prayers don't always go like that, sometimes a prayer is just a whisper for peace)