24 by 24

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
at 23 years old, i should not weigh...what i weigh. the goal is that i lose 24 lbs by the time i turn 24. that's october 2nd so i have PLENTY of time. i'll try to periodically update you on my progress. i'll put something like "currently at -5 lbs" or something. idk. here's the plan starting out (subject to change):

1. more water intake, baseline pretty much none
2. minimum 15 min/day physically activity (running/walking)
3. healthier food choices

it will get more specific and adjustments will be made. i cant keep doing the same thing because my weight will plateau AND i get bored. mind and body are connected so if im bored, i know im no longer getting results and i will need to change.

any tips for weight management/healthy living?

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T said...

My tip is baby steps and for sustainabiilty and you're already doing that. I'll check in on you and you do the same for me because I'm two donuts in already and this is a #problem.