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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
i need to get back focused. ive gained 8 lbs. i cant afford to gain ANY poundage. i am supposed to doing subtraction and im facing additions.

1. in order to get back to working out, me and alcohol have to end our friendship. this should be easy since im unemployed. i cant be spending what little money i do have at the bar.

2. i have plenty of reasons to get back into it. one is i sleep better when ive been wearing myself out.

3. im going to need some help developing a plan. i dont see myself traveling across the city to use the gym on campus. plus you have to be enrolled in classes for the current session to gain access and my classes end next thursday. my options are pilates, p90x, and my mom's treadmill.

4. i have a butt load of excuses not to do anything but the feeling of not doing anything is starting to feel worse than just suffering through a daily workout.

5. what do you do to get started? the biggest obstacle for me is just starting. once im already working out, i feel good and i certainly feel good after. i gotta get over the first hurdle day after day.

6. to start, i know i need to get the toxins out of my system. ive been hitting wendys and mcdonalds and other bad places more than any human needs to and the alcohol consumption over the last few weeks (especially wedding weekend) was inappropriate. oh, and the cookouts... there's no question where those 8 lbs came from.

and why is this post numbered? see, i need exercise b/c my brain is also fried. the poor decisions ive made and the dumb mistakes on assignments!

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T said...

I read magazines like Shape to put me in the mood. They get to talking about Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension and unsightly bumps on your thighs from rubbing together and it makes me want to run to the gym.

(Ok, they do not talk about thighs rubbing together in Shape, but don't act like you didn't just laugh at that.)

Anyway, I suggest the treadmill because you can go as hard or soft as you want. You can also do 15 minutes today, 20 tomorrow and work yourself up to an hour. px90 sounds torturous and extreme and I'm a fan of doing the bare minimum to see results when it comes to exercise. I can go hard at everything else.