ok...now what?

Thursday, June 24, 2010
5pm today i was finished with summer courses. great. im not used to this. i dont really take breaks. i usually have a job lined up starting in one to two weeks. last year my old job and my new job overlapped and i worked both places for 3 weeks, i think. this year looks way different. first of all, i couldnt work because i had internship and a full class schedule. second, im not up to do just any job anymore. i want something in my field/relevant to the degree im working toward. im too old to deal with the bullshit (an low pay) of retail. i cant be your office manager or whatever if you want me doing dishes and making coffee. im not working on two degrees to be a glorified housekeeper.

maybe im being an arrogant asshole. maybe im simply self-aware and i know what i want and dont want. whatever the case, i have no idea what to do with myself until classes resume in september. i probably wouldnt care so much if i werent broke. had i been working this past year, i'd have money saved and i could go places and i'd be fine. but no. that is not the case.

im going to try not to stress. it's not going to be a huge problem until december 10 when im unemployed AND done with school.

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