battling boredom

Sunday, June 27, 2010
classes are OVER and i dont have a job or any prospects. here's what i'll be doing in an attempt to maintain my sanity.

daily am workouts

this week:

monday: spending the family dollar gift card i won from brown girl gumbo

tuesday: upload a video to youtube

wednesday: jury selection

thursday: *shrug*

friday: *double shrug*

anyone wanna help me fill in the blanks? im going to register with greater dc cares and get involved in some projects. i'll also be doing some leisure reading and preparing for the counselor certification exam.

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T said...

Good job on the exercising. I MIGHT go to the gym today. If this apartment hunt goes well I'll be energized to do it. If not, I'm going to sulk and eat a lot. Womp.