i have a girl crush on...

Thursday, June 10, 2010
i love zoe saldana. i stan for her. i also stan for reagan gomez. just realized that about two minutes ago. who am i forgetting? let's review my celebrity loves of all time:

1. lena horne (rip)
2. jada pinkett
3. pam grier
4. stacey dash
5. halle berry
6. regina king

my classic recipients of my adoration and admiration are aging (though still super FLY) and i thought i'd give my list a little update. who's on your list? do you even have a list?

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T said...

My girl crush is Adriana Lima, Brazilian bombshell. Stacey Dash is SO pheonomenal as well. Halle's on the list and Sanaa Lathan.