quick update

Sunday, June 20, 2010
i am -3 on my 24 by 24 goal. 21 more lbs to go! as a reward, i get to buy myself a clarisonic as a bday present. ive been trying to win one through blogs and contests for a year now. no luck. i have to breakdown and buy this myself if im going to have it. if i dont reach my goal, i'll have to wait until some other time. idk when but not as near a future as my birthday. i didnt run friday, saturday, or sunday so im a bad girl for that. but ive been watching what i eat and making more responsible food choices. back to the treadmill tomorrow morning. also, it's my last week of summer school so after this week, i can go super hard on the workouts and not really worry about my appearance afterwards since i dont have a job/internship/class. this got to be just a little longer than i'd planned. ttyl.

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Phyllis Bourne said...

Get it BEFORE your birthday if you can so you'll be really cute on your 24th. The Clarisonic is AMAZING.

We got married a few weeks after our 24th birthdays.

T said...

*googles clarisonic* oh ok, cool. Good job on running this (Monday) morning. I ate like a fat person this weekend while I was with the fam, so the gym is in order tonight... if these allergies don't kill me.