throwing away my childhood

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
teddy bears. i LOVE them. if i did have a kid, their nursery would be yellow with bears. bears were the only stuffed animals i held onto when my mother went on a rampage and threw away our toy bin. we had collectibles in there: a working teddy ruxpin, a pink panther projector set, and other awesome toys that belonged to myself and my older sibs. also, my barbies are all long gone. even the ones i thought were cool b/c my sister gave them to me and they had 70s outfits.

i have probably 8 teddy bears piled up in a corner in my room. i took some of them to college with me, got some more there, and got one when i came back home. theyre really useless to me now. i slept with the occasionally as recently as last year when i was having a bad time but ive kinda outgrown them. i know there's one i will keep that used to change color when u washed it but my mom washed it in the wrong temperature water and it stopped working. now it's in some hybrid of pink/purple. ive had it for longer than i can remember and i cant part with it. the rest, i think i will donate.

do you have any things from your childhood still? where are your stuffed animals? What are you keeping them for?

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T said...

you know, I have no idea where my teddy bears are. The last I checked they were in a plastic bag in the basement. But that was so long ago. I'm sure my mom and stepfather have since thrown them away. I'm ok with that.