11- your siblings

Friday, October 8, 2010
bigger brother- he's 6'4". me: you left kevin out. my brother: kevin leaves himself out. that's him. kevin barely comes around and in recent years, you could say he never comes around. he almost didnt come to my brother's wedding but I took care of that with a curse out on facebook. kevin used to call on my birthday and holidays when I was younger but that depended on whether he was a jehovah's witness that year or not. he's 15 years older than me and he went to live with his mom before I was born.

sister- she's my bff. i spend weekends over her house a lot. she's the mom of my two nieces. we're 10 years apart so we didn't start hangin' tough until 2005.

big brother- he's the one i really grew up with since my bigger brother was gone by the time i came along and by the time i was 6, my sister was off to college. now, i only occassionally see my brother. he STAYS busy. he does a lot.

big brother and sister are like having a second set of parents. you should have seen big brother's reaction to my latest tattoo despite having 7+ of his own and one being in a similar location. his response: "BUT I'M A MAN!"

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