death wish

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
im taking grief and bereavement this semester. all my classes overlap so it's been reiterated how important it is to share your wishes with loved ones. i didn't know i had an opinion beyond not having a casket and having my organs donated but i do. i dont believe my family can handle this conversation so here's what i want.
  • donate my organs- im not using them
  • put me right in the ground- caskets are EXPENSIVE. $3000? donate that to an AIDS foundation or start a scholarship at Spelman College. find a state that doesn't have that law about the deceased being in a casket OR tell them that I was Muslim or something and circumvent that law. no matter what you put me in, my body will decompose to to something that gets in or whatever it is that already lives inside of me. im good without a casket.
  • i dont care much about what you dress me in. do what makes you feel better but i will say i love sweats and if it's summer and im dead, put me in some of those pajama shorts.
  • i want my face BEAT- give me a smokey eye and an ignorant bold lip. i know it's incongruent with what i wish to wear but when has congruence ever been my forte????

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T said...

You know, I'm a big fan of honoring people's wishes, but I will not put anyone right in the ground. Caskets are proper. Maybe they can get you a Wal-mart casket OR they can get you a rental casket, so your body sits in it before it goes in the ground, but then your body just goes right in the ground. We've done this for family members before so I know it's possible.

antithesis said...


oh yea, i know it's possible because one of the main things i paid attention to when the muslim priest? idk what he's called. but when he came to speak in my spirituality class he talked about their being laws to circumvent b/c muslim practice is to wrap the body and put them in the ground. i guess i can be wrapped. i dont care. if i must be in a casket, i want cherry wood.