i look like ME!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
1. i do not look like another ethinicity
him: what's your nationality?
me: american
him: *rolls eyes* i mean, your ethinicity
me: african-american
him: *sigh* where are your parents from?
me: DC
him *heavy sigh*

2. i dont look like a celebrity
i had an ex tell me i looked like rudy huxtable, especially in my kid pictures. and i would have to disagree that i look anything like my spelman sister, keisha knight pulliam.

said ex's sister added me (for the 100th time b/c she keeps changing her accounts) on facebook and in her message wrote that i have always looked like janet jackson to her. i WISH i could be so lucky. i wouldnt mind looking like her with one of her older noses.

3. i do not look like my brother
will is lightskinned, well, he's browned out a LITTLE since we got older. i'm dark skinned. he has thicker eyebrows and more almond-shaped eyes than i do. his lips are thicker than mine. and if you havent noticed, IM A GIRL. all through high school, i was "lil will". how awkward is that when "lil" and a boy's name usually meant the boy was someone the girl was dating? even when introduced to parents of my brother's friends. "oh yes, you look just like william". thanks. i look like a 200+ pound man.

4. i do not look like my sister (anymore)
i will admit that for a brief time in my childhood, i looked just like my sister. i saw a picture of my sister and my dad and even i said "i dont remember this" and my dad was like "you shouldn't; you werent born". that time has passed, yet my sister and i can still trick people into thinking we're twins. we get people excitedly asking "who's older?" and we look at each other and tell them tiffany is older. and then they say "by how much?" and we look again and say "about 11 years". i told her we need to say 11 minutes if we wanna stop getting side eyes.

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T said...

When you say "look like" it sounds like you mean "looks identical to". They're not the same thing. You do look LIKE your brother. That doesn't mean you look like a man or have man features, it just means that some things about you all look alike.

You read too much into it and then get all mad when we say you look like Will.

P.S. I had a white homie ask me what part of Africa I was from. I had to give her a quick lesson on slavery in America. They must have skipped that paragraph (you know it's never a whole chapter) in her history books in the Chicago suburbs. Silly her. She thought all black people were descendants of consenting African immigrants. In other words, I feel your pain.