Birthday Dinner: Ruth's Chris Edition

Wednesday, October 6, 2010
After my relaxing half-day at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, my sister treated me to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I would have taken a pic of our meal but we were at a restaurant with table clothes and the menus weren't laminated so I thought that would be in poor taste. Even after the woman seated beside us was filing her nails at the table, I still decided against it.

YUM YUM YUM! I enjoyed the [Dallas] Cowboy Ribeye with a lobster tail and garlic mashed potatoes. EVERYTHING was delicious...and doused in butter but whatever. The meat was tender and WELL seasoned. The lobster was great and the mashed potatoes could have had a pinch more garlic but they were tasty, too. For my drink, the waiter suggested their new feature: the black cherry martini. It wasn't on the menu so I went for it. Reminded me of the kool-aid in the little bottle with the twist-off top with alcohol in it. We decided to skip on dessert as their offerings were nothing special.

I am grateful to my big sis for treating me because this was nothing I could afford on my own. I took half of my steak back to my sister's house (hence, the picture). I warmed it up Sunday after church. It was a bit tough but still tasted great.

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T said...

This just made me SO hungry and I can't afford anything but soup this week. Sad.