this happens far too often

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
dont let me think i'm the only one who experiences this.

my bus stop is at the top of the hill of the street i live on. the cross street is a major artery that flows from DC through MD. i stand and wait for my bus and endure honks and undeciferable hollers out of windows...year 'round. i can be wearing a north face and hat and hood. i could be wearing a trench holding an umbrella in pouring rain with limited visibility. i could be dressed in my best "i could give a hell what you think of me" uniform of "i got dress in 5 minutes in the dark" attire. it matters not. without fail, there is someone who tactlessly needs to communicate their interest. inevitably, someone void of standards is a passerby.

what gets me is the ones who will come to a stop. this happens less frequently as they restructured and made it one lane each way. if they chose to do this less than considerate act, any conversation would be drowned out by the honking of horns.

what REALLY gets me is the ones who will go around the block and come up on my street, stop to the right of me, and yell to me asking for my number. and just what do you have time to take this detour on the off chance that i also have no standards and no regard for my personal safety and would approach your car and get in? exactly why do a large percent of these hooligans think i would accept their offer of a ride to where i'm going? im standing at the damn bus stop. for $1.50, i can get a ride from metro and decrease my chances 100% of being chopped up in someone's wet basement. and yes, that is exactly how i think my body will end up. i cant say much for the cause of death but i know i'll be chopped into pieces for added insult.

have i already written on this? probably. but it is SO annoying that i needed to say something again.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL I remember that you had a similar post (or maybe it was just an ending sentence in a post...) regarding this topic. I remember because I remember writing that I hate and i mean HATE when I am crossing the street and someone driving by in a car decides they need to speak to me and attempt to get my number. So that smart individual begins driving at a slower speed which makes it difficult for me to get to the other side of the street. So during this time cars are coming in the opposite direction and I want to strangle the person driving. And of course, like you said why oh why would I get into the car of a stranger.....who does that????

antithesis said...

YES! u just reminded me of when im trying to get home and it's usually dark anyway and i have to cross the street but some GENIUS is creeping to get a better look meanwhile taking so long that there's now traffic coming on the other side so he's gone and i cant cross. #runonsentence

T said...

This happens to me, but less frequently because I live in a white neighborhood and we're all on the bus stop together.