My Xmas Present to Myself

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
in honor of my post entitled "do it now", i've just made arrangements for some holiday travel. well, not really holiday but it is in December. southwest is having a damn RIDICULOUS sale right now and i got a flight to the chi for $60 each way. isnt that insane?!!

my sister has already been to chicago plenty of times so she's not interested. my friend has been a couple of times as well. ive never been and one of my favorite people lives there so it's time for a visit.

this is my graduation present to myself, as well. i wanted to go somewhere with white sands and clear waters but im not on that kind of budget. i'll make due with freezing temps and harsh winds in a new city i wish to explore.

share your "do it now" adventures. that's the theme for 2011 so comment on this or any future post with what you did!

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T said...

My "Do It Now" thing was going to Jazzin at the Shedd. It's jazz and food and spirits at the famous Shedd Aquarium in Chicago in the summer. I found someone to go with me, but it was very last minute and I would have gone by myself if I had to.

This winter I'm going to do Zoolights at the Lincoln Park Zoo whether other people want to go or not.

Every season I have a list of stuff I'd like to do, but I either don't because no one wants to go or I don't because I get too busy and forget.

I did like 7 things on my summer list and I haven't finished my winter list yet, but putting it up on the blog helps.

Great post!