burstin' at the seams

Friday, March 27, 2009
i dont know how this could have happened. my life moves at a much faster pace than i tend to realize. this is one of a few weekends where i have nothing specific planned. stuff could either get done or not. so im layin in bed, not feeling well, and i look around and am disgusted by the way my room looks. clothes are everywhere and stuff is peeking at me from my closet. 

i found clothes at the bottom of my closet i havent worn in years.  there was also one item im certain i only wore once and forgot i had and if it had not been for this day would have purchased again. there is one bag that has been sort of a staple in my closet and until today, i didnt realize i had since 2000. i know i only carried this hideous thing once. my parents bought it for me and i felt bad that i didnt like it and wore it to school the next day and never again. why is that still here?

added to my list of to do will be a trip to target to get some of those stackable container drawer things. i knew that from a quick look around and seeing cosmetics and the like strewn about amongst magazines and school stuff. i refuse to buy anymore of those huge storage containers i had for college so, sadly, some clothes are just gonna have to go :(

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T said...

I love cleaning my room (i.e. my studio) out. When it's nice outside I'm always at the container store or bed bath and beyond looking for a wicker basket or pretty box or something to store all my junk.

I don't even entertain here. It just makes me feel better when stuff is organized.

Great post!

WiZ said...

maybe you can get some tips from the home and garden channel or something