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Thursday, March 5, 2009
i hate this question: are you dating anyone?

it's asked different ways but it just serves as a constant reminder that there is no special dude in my life. that's not a big problem but with an office manager and two classmates planning weddings, it gets to be a bit much. then you have those people whose comments are always prefaced with "my boyfriend..." 

it's not so much that males suck in my life but it's that on top of the fact that i feel somehow abnormal for not being able to find someone and maintain a relationship. i feel like im always so close but then it doesnt happen. men dont like me and im not doin the women thing so... idk. 

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T said...

I hate this question, but my reasoning is different. I'll be out here like define "date." Cause if he lives in a different city, I can't say we go on a lot of dates. If he lives here and we just talk on the phone a lot, does that mean I'm dating him. If I go out with this dude one time every other month, are we dating.

I dunno. I mean the roster might be full, but everyone on the team is playing a different game.

Product Junkie Diva said...

You have your WHOLE life ahead of you so I hope you never stress over this. He will probably stoll along when you least expect it. :-)