Monday, March 30, 2009
what do you do with old magazines?

i have plenty of past issues of glamour, vogue, instyle, essence, and harper's bazaar. i always say im going to randomly pick a few and draw inspiration for a new look for an upcoming outing. sometimes i do. most times i don't. why? 1. i usually dont know far enough in advance to do something like that, 2. for most things i dont care that much what i wear/how my makeup will turn out, and 3. stuff i do care about is so far spaced that i usually already have an idea in my head i wanna try should such an occassion arise. 

i need to find something to do with them. something wont let me just toss 'em. i like how different mag covers are used as part of the background image for posts on mischo beauty.

4 thought(s):

PBW said...

I keep a 3-ring binder with a bunch of plastic pocket page protectors. When I come across magazine pages that inspire me, I rip 'em and put them into the binder.

I flip through it when I need fashion, beauty, writing ideas.

antithesis said...

@PBW- that is a great idea. it's very space-saving! so smart.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

That is such a cool idea that Mischo Beauty does! It's so funny that you bring up the topic of old magazines. I have a GAZILLION of them that need to be tossed. I'm in the process of moving and I have dozens of mags that I'm going to have to just trash. I will keep classics, like Suede and the ones with really great cover stories, etc. But it is so hard to part with them. I'm definitely a magazine junkie! :-)

Btw, that is a great idea that PBW does too!

T said...

I throw mine away. I live in a studio and I just got tired of looking at them. I rip out pages that inspire me (like how to get debt free and buy a home in a year) and put them on my fridge.

Other than that my place is too small for inspiration. LOL!