Wednesday, March 25, 2009
in this game of life, there are no substitutions. you can never ever make someone into someone they are not. "baby daddy" could not make me into his baby mama so he needed to go back to her. i understand that, but i wish he would have come to that conclusion before i lost that bet on the damn eagles game. in that same vain you can't make something out of nothing. you can't make love out of what is there if there is no love. for mr.klean there was none. none for me at least; he had plenty for himself. and HIM? maybe at one point there was but not anymore and never again. 

i figured that they were something i would do until the real thing comes along. i was blocking my own blessings. how can anything come along when you're filling the space with inadequate substitutes? it's safer for me to be completely alone than to put up with what i know i don't want in a fruitless attempt to get the few things i do want. i have come to realize that none of these men have failed me. ive failed myself. they were just taking advantage of the situation. who wouldnt? if you saw anything of value just laying around and available, unclaimed, but it wasnt exactly to your taste, would you leave it there? would you be like, "that diamond is princess cut and i prefer emerald cut so imma just leave it there"?  

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Hey there!

You really need to hop over to my blog forum because there are so many conversations for sistas who are just like you!

I love the way that you examined the situation and realized that you do NOT need to put yourself out there until a man has proven himself WORTHY of you.

Will said that Jada made him feel as though he had to be WORTHY of him.

You can tell from the way Barack looks at Michelle that he is IMPRESSED with who he has married.

Sistas need to steer clear of these men who do not treasure them! Don't be anyone's substitute.

I do not give the time of day to those irresponsible jump-in-the-bed-make-a-baby-and-run types of brothas who are probably fatherless themselves. Out of wedlock parenting IS NOT in my value system and I require a partner who shares my values.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

T said...

Good insight girl!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I am so happy that you have come to this realization.