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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
does  anyone remember the group project situation from last semester i ranted about? i dont know where that is so i cant link to it and i dont feel like searching but basically i was in this group where this idiot for no reason wanted to buy like 6 bags of candy for a class of 20 people and split the cost. so im takin a different class this semester and of course, said idiot is in there. we got assigned our partners for one of the presentations we have to do for this class and im sitting there the whole time like "please dont have me go last and please dont put me with 'idiot'". well we're last and we is me and idiot. 

idiot wants to talk about the presentation as soon as we're partnered up. i dont know what you have this semester but i have shit that comes up before march, it is like january second. fall back, chick. anyway spring break rolls around and im like imma read the chapter over break because i dont have to go to work and im spending the first half of the week in pittsburgh and then nothing is planned after that. she said "me too". ok, great. i have the chapter read and email her right away. she doesnt read for another two days which is whatever. then i throw out some ideas because she emails me to let me know she's done and then doesnt say shit. i tell her i dont wanna be a carbon copy of the last 8 groups before us and she agreed. so then i ration out my ideas and just give her one and that only covers like a 3rd of the presentation and then she tells me some shit that i think is kinda dumb and im like "we could do that but". so then i just go ahead and tell her how i think the presentation should go and i leave some gaps so she can have SOME input. she emails me back with the exact same shit other groups have done. didnt we agree that shit was wack and we aint wanna repeat it? it's so overdone. 

im frustrated as shit because im really tired of this semester, i have another presentation in this class among other just straight bullshit assignments for this one professor. im not in the mood to do all the work for a presentation with someone i dont wanna work with and i swear if candy comes up, imma smack her!

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Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL group work can really stink if you have the wrong partners, but it will all be over before you know it.