made of fail

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
who/what is made of fail?
  • your mama for naming you Asheley (ugh @ that spelling)
  • a dude with the initials P.S.R
  • a dude with the initials A.C.H
  • a dude whom i only know as Mark or "the other Jamaican"
  • apparently me for ever interacting with the previous 3 (EPIC FAIL)
  • all the submission on
  • people who send files saved without an extention so they cannot be opened
  • just about anyone who has ever contacted me on TAGGED
  • the entire cast of this season's Real World
  • most of the celeb stylists for the oscars
  • males who ask me to call them (also, they are full of bitchassness)

1 thought(s):

Jaimie said...

lol if i've learned anything from "he's just not that into you", its to never call the guy. If he's interested. He'll call you lol

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